2021 AMGA Webinar Series

2021 AMGA Spring Webinar
Jenni Blackmore Permaculture for the rest of Us
May 02, 2:00 p.m. ADT

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Jenni Blackmore

An artist, writer, micro-farmer, and certified Permaculture Design Consultant. Passionate about all things "food," she's an ardent supporter of holistic food production who strives to grow most of her own vegetables. Her most recent book, Permaculture for the Rest of Us, follows her journey from industrial Manchester to a sustainable island homestead in Nova Scotia.


Permaculture for the Rest of Us - Abundant Living on Less than an Acre

Many of us want to increase our self-sufficiency, but few have access to the ideal 5 sunny, gently-sloping acres of rich, loamy, well-drained soil. Jenni Blackmore presents a highly entertaining, personal account of how permaculture can be practiced in adverse conditions, allowing anyone to learn to live more sustainably in a less-than-perfect world. With a rallying cry of "If we can do it, you can too," she distills the wisdom of 20 years of trial and error into a valuable teaching tool.

The perfect antidote to dense, high-level technical manuals, Permaculture for the Rest of Us presents the fundamental principles of this sometimes confusing concept in a humorous, reader-friendly way. Each chapter focuses on a specific method or technique, interspersing straightforward explanations with the author's own experiences. Learn how to successfully retrofit even the smallest homestead using skills such as: No-till vs. till gardening, composting and soil-building, Natural pest control and integrating small livestock, Basic greenhouse construction, Harvesting, preservation and more. Ideal for urban dreamers, suburbanites and country-dwellers alike, this inspirational and instructional "encouragement manual" is packed with vibrant photographs documenting the author's journey from adversity to abundance.

Participation limited to100 max.

Register early to be guaranteed a spot

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