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Atlantic Master Gardeners Association (AMGA)

Servicing Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island & Newfoundland, CANADA

Motivating, Inspiring & Educating Gardeners in Canada’s Eastern Provinces

2023 Dalhousie Summer School - Registration opens 4th April

Canadian Native Plant Data

Missouri Botanical Garden

Plant Finder

Live Zoom Gardening Session

Monday, 3 July 2023

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Volunteer Hours

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Atlantic Canada Hardiness Zone

Registrants of the

Dalhousie University Master Gardener Training Program

are invited to join the AMGA


Membership has its benefits

The Atlantic Master Gardeners Association (AMGA) offers multiple pathways to help master gardeners and those in training fulfill their personal, community or business gardening goals.

Webinars and conferences profile presentations by experts.  Monthly hour-long Zoom meetings highlight master gardeners' activities throughout the seasons and are opportunities to ask questions and offer solutions.

A quarterly newsletter offers a wealth of ideas, tips, and technical expertise, along with an event calendar. 

Membership Fee waived for registered students

Apply to become a Butterflyway Ranger

with The Butterfly Project

David Suzuki Foundation

One nature.

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