Volunteer Service

25 hours of volunteer service is required annually, &

8 hours of continuing education/training is required every 2 years to maintain certification as a

Master Gardener







Here are some other ideas on how to obtain these hours


Volunteer Service

  • Speaking / Presenting at Local Garden Clubs, Associations, and Libraries

  • Conducting Workshops

  • Writing Articles for the quarterly AMGA Newsletter

  • Work Party at the IWK Hospital Children’s Garden

  • Providing assistance at a Community Garden

  • Working Events at a “Ask a Master Gardener” Kiosk

Continuing Education / Training

  • Attending the AMGA Annual Conference

  • Attending an approved Gardening Convention/Conference/Workshop

    • AMGA Conference is worth 8 Education Hours

  • Taking a Horticultural Course from an accredited institution

         - Dalhousie University – The New Prairie Landscape Course

Master Gardener Volunteer Opportunity

The Halifax City lot on the corner of Brenda Dr and Simé Ct. in Kingswood subdivision has become a Pollinator Garden.

This is a joint project by Halifax city and Donna & Duff Evers who own the property behind this garden.

The city cleared the lot and brought in soil. Donna Evers has planted the majority of plants from her own garden and many donations from interested gardeners, nurseries, etc.

The garden needs to be maintained and could provide volunteer opportunities for our local “Coastal” Master Gardeners.

In addition to weeding and maintaining the pollinator plants, this garden could be a valuable education tool in promoting gardening and the importance of pollinators to the Public, School children or other interested groups.

To begin this process of volunteering, Donna would like to have up to 4 MG’s to assist with digging spring bulbs from her own gardens and planting them in the meadow. This work could be done in the next several weeks.

If you are interested in being involved in this project could you contact me at:    suestuart@bellaliant.net

Please indicate a date and time of day in the next 2 weeks, July 10-25 that you would be available. 

 All photographs © James Ellison

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