Volunteer Service

COVID Notice

The AMGA did not collect volunteer hours in 2020 because of COVID

Members were ask to record any hours obtained post May 2019


Updated 2021 Volunteer Hours Requirement

A minimum of 10 Volunteer hours will be required from the period of 1 June 2019 to 31 December 2021

Hours must be submitted no later than 31 Dec 2021 

Hours are mandatory to maintain certification in 2021 as a Master Gardener & for any graduate of Dalhousie MG Program who would like to become a certified Master Gardener.

Master Gardeners in Training (students) are encouraged to submit their volunteer hours; however these are not mandatory.


Volunteer Hour requirement will be reassessed in 2022

Here are some ideas on how to obtain these hours


Volunteer Service

  • Speaking / presenting at local garden clubs, associations, and libraries

  • Conducting webinars

  • Conducting workshops

  • Working events at a “Ask a Master Gardener” kiosk

  • Participation in the monthly Zoom gardening sessions

  • Joining a work party at the IWK Children’s Hospital or Hospice

  • Providing assistance at a community garden

  • Writing articles for the quarterly AMGA Newsletter

Continuing Education / Training

  • Attending the AMGA webinars

  • Attending gardening conference/workshop/webinar

    • AMGA Webinar series is worth 6 Education Hours

  • Taking a horticultural course from an accredited institution

         - Dalhousie University – The New Prairie Landscape Course

  • Participating in live AMGA gardening sessions via Zoom