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Volunteer Service

2022 Volunteer & Education/Continuing training hours can now be submitted as you earn them on our Members Only page.

Hours may also be submitted using MS Excel spreadsheet or email.

Information required:  date, description of events, and hours.

AMGA Volunteer Co-Ordinator -

Here are some ideas on how to obtain these hours

Note that hours earned working directly for a business, including those spent developing a website, writing promotional material or preparing for and attending work-related conferences, are not Volunteer Service.

Volunteer Service

  • Researching/presenting a topic for an in-person or Zoom gardening session

  • Preparing for and speaking/presenting at a local garden club, association or library or at monthly AMGA gardening sessions

  • Conducting a webinar/workshop

  • Working at an “Ask a Master Gardener” kiosk or serving as a panelist at a garden show

  • Joining a gardening/landscaping work party at a hospital, hospice, or community centre

  • Assisting at a community garden/plant sale/garden show

  • Researching/writing articles for a local, NSAGC or AMGA newsletter

  • Serving on an AMGA or garden club committee or executive

  • Participating in an AMGA or garden club AGM

  • Developing teaching materials for a gardening course/workshop/training session

  • Training for/judging in a garden show

  • Developing/maintaining a garden club’s website

  • Advising gardening project participants

Continuing Education / Training

  • Participating as a learner in a Zoom or in-person AMGA or garden club educational session

  • Attending as a learner a gardening conference/workshop/webinar

    • AMGA Conference is worth 8 continuing education hours

  • Taking a horticultural course from an accredited institution

         e.g., The New Prairie Landscape Course, Dalhousie University

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